Dashboard Access & Data Requests

Our public dashboards provide a myriad of insights and data about VCU. Starting in 2023, VCU faculty and staff are automatically granted access to IRDS' data dashboards located at data.vcu.edu, such as Department Profiles and the First Destination Survey dashboard (among others). If you are a VCU employee in need of more detailed information, you can submit a request for data or reports that are not available via the self-service tools and resources. 

Request Access to Insights 3.0

Access to the data analysis tool, Insights, is restricted to VCU employees with a business need for detailed information. If you would like to request access to Insights, please complete the form linked below. 

Request Access

Request Data Reports

As Office of Institutional Research and Decision Support (IRDS), we respectfully ask that all requests for institutional data, statistical analysis, research assistance, and requests for institutional level surveys to be made via the request form below. This request system allows IRDS to efficiently plan its resources and ensure that staff members are available for assistance in a timely fashion.

IRDS provides data to campus partners who have a demonstrated business need for research support. This includes administrative research but excludes academic or scholarly research.

Data requests involve personally identifiable information including but not limited to financial information, medical information, biometrics, etc., for research purposes require VCU Internal Review Board (IRB) review. To determine whether your activity or project require VCU IRB review, please use RAMS-IRB to submit a request for a determination. For more information on activities require IRB please visit Office of Research and Innovation’s website.

A member from the IRDS team may contact you for clarification. If you need assistance, please contact us via email at irds@vcu.edu.

Please do not request Health System data here. For VCU Health data call the VCU Health Service Desk at (804) 828-6447.

IRDS Data Request