Internal Survey Support

IRDS administers several broad institutional surveys (including the Noel-Levitz student satisfaction surveys, the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE), The Great Place Initiative Climate Survey, COACHE Faculty Job Satisfaction Survey), and the VCU Outcomes Survey and provides consultation for other administrative surveys.  The extent of assistance provided by AIE will vary based on available resources and complexity of requests (at this time, AIE does not have the capacity to design, administer, and analyze unit-level surveys). For additional support, please contact VCU Survey and Evaluation Research Laboratory (SERL). SERL provides a variety of fee-for-service activities to assist faculty and academic units in carrying out their research and evaluation objectives. 

Surveys can be a useful and efficient means of collecting information, but the time and resources needed to successfully administer and analyze a survey can be significant. The survey process typically includes selecting a sample, determining delivery methods, developing a questionnaire, pre-testing the questionnaire, assessing the reliability and validity of the questionnaire, and analyzing results. Whether you undertake the process yourself or contract with a vendor, it is important to evaluate whether you have a clear objective and whether a survey is the most appropriate assessment tool before you get started. If you would like to administer a survey on campus, please visit our Survey Support Tools and Resources page.