National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE)

The NSSE assesses the amount of time and effort first-year students and seniors spend on academic and extracurricular activities and the degree to which institutions emphasize and encourage students to participate in activities that are considered important to their learning and development. NSSE’s website contains a variety of resources related to utilizing NSSE data, as well as information about the history and development of the survey. 

Summaries and Reports

NSSE 2020 Snapshot (VCU)
NSSE 2020 Pocket Guide Report (VCU)
NSSE 2020 Main Survey Questions

NSSE 2017 Executive Summary
NSSE 2017 Snapshot (VCU)
NSSE 2017 Pocket Guide Report (VCU)
NSSE 2017 Infographic

NSSE 2014 Executive Summary
NSSE 2014 Snapshot (VCU)
NSSE 2014 Pocket Guide Report (VCU)
NSSE 2014 Survey

NSSE 2011 Executive Snapshot (VCU)‌‌
NSSE 2011 Survey

NSSE 2010 Executive Snapshot (VCU)
NSSE 2010 Survey


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