Information / Report Request Form

As Office of Institutional Research and Decision Support (IRDS), we respectfully ask that all requests for institutional data / information, statistical analysis and research concerning but not limited to Students, Course, Academic Programs, Personnel (including faculty and staff) and institutional level surveys administered by our office to be made via the request form below. Requests are tracked for resource planning purposes so that the Office of Institutional Research and Decision Support can make efficient and effective use of its resources and continue to improve its services to the university community and external entities as necessary.

Data requests involve personally identifiable information including but not limited to financial information, medical information, biometrics information, etc. for research purposes require VCU Internal Review Board (IRB) review. Data requests with the purpose of scholarly and journalistic activities may also require IRB review.

To determine whether your activity or project require VCU IRB review, please use RAMS-IRB to submit a request for a determination. For more information on activities require IRB please visit Office of Research and Innovation’s website.

Please complete all required and any other pertinent fields in the form below.

A member from the IRDS team may contact you for clarification. If you need assistance, please contact us via email at

Requestor information

When possible, the person submitting this form should be the information user or the person most familiar with the detailed requirements of the report requested.

Report information

Please describe your reporting need in as much detail as possible, ensure you include the purpose of the request.

Please describe your reporting need in as much detail as possible regarding: what question(s) are trying to be answered, who will use the data (the target audience), and how they will use it.

Please note that "Fall" is used to produce official figures for most Federal, State and Accreditation related reporting needs.

Will this request be required on a regular basis? This is for planning purposes only; you will still need to submit the request each time you require an update.

Request Scheduling

Normal turnaround time is two weeks (10 working days), and your scheduled due date is:

Office of Institutional Research and Decision Support (IRDS) Staff Consultation

It is OK to consult with the Office of Institutional Research and Decision Support staff by phone or email before submitting an information or report request. Please note consultation with our office does not constitute a formal request therefore please follow up with this request form to clarify your project requirements and allow your project to be prioritized, scheduled, and assigned to a staff member.

After submitting this request form, someone from IRDS may still need to contact you to clarify the report specs and agree on delivery schedule.

Please note that IRDS team member you initially contacted and consulted with regarding this request may not be the person who will work on the request.