Dashboard Access & Data Requests

Our public dashboard provides a myriad of insights and data about VCU. If you are a VCU employee in need of more detailed information, you can request access to the IRDS dashboards and/or submit a request for data or reports that are not available via the self-service tools and resources. 

Request Access to IRDS Dashboards and/or Insights

Access to IRDS dashboards (data.vcu.edu) and Insights is restricted to VCU employees with a business need for detailed information. If you would like to request access to Insights, Department Profiles or the REAL Dashboard, please complete the form linked below.

Request Access

Request IRDS Data, Reports or other Information

If you have a specific data request that cannot be fulfilled by utilizing the self-service dashboards accessible through the data portal, please complete the form linked below.

IRDS Data Request