Policies, standards, guidelines

Institutional Data and Information Management Standards describe the basic principles and minimum standards that users strive to achieve in the course of managing institutional data and information. These overarching standards outline the best practices for proper maintenance, access and use of institutional data and institutional information. They are established and applied in conjunction with the existing data and information security standards and policies of the university to all administrative business information systems such as Finance, Academic Affairs, Human Resources, Research Administration, Development and Alumni Relations etc.

Purpose & goals

  • Incorporating institutional data and information management as a part of university decision-making and delivery of services
  • Maximizing the value of institutional data and information by increasing the understanding and use of that data and information.
  • Educating the users in regards to all University, State and Federal laws and policies that mandate and regulate institutional data and information
  • Making sure that roles and responsibilities for management of institutional data and information are understood throughout the institution.