Meet The Team

Monal Patel

Associate Vice Provost, IRDS

(804) 828 - 6683

Danielle C. M. Fife

Executive Administrative Assistant

(804) 827-0029

Michael S. Jones

Director, Business Intelligence

(804) 827-0005

Christopher Marcoux, Ph.D., MBA

Director, Analytics

(804) 827-0092

Connie W. Peyton

Director, Institutional Research

(804) 827-0932

Janice G. Baab

Senior Research Analyst

(804) 828-7032

William R. Evans

Senior Research Analyst

(804) 828-7032

David L. Phillips

Enterprise Data Architect

(804) 828-2427

Tasfia Pasha

Research Analyst for IE/IRDS

Christopher F. Rillstone

Senior Research Analyst

(804) 828-1103

Justin Brooks

Data Engineer

Molly Wright

Director of Communications for Strategic Initiatives

(804) 828-7655

Hannah Billings

Publications Coordinator

Mike Dooley

Institutional Research Data Analyst

Pat Gandotra

Business Intelligence Developer