Empower decision makers, enhance institutional effectiveness and maintain compliance through accurate, accessible, and actionable data and analyses.


Facilitate a complete view of information use and consumption to become VCU’s go-to partner for Institutional Research and decision support.


Venn diagram showing collaboration, innovation, and agility

Excellence through integrity, collaboration, and innovation supported by diverse skills, perspectives, and experience.

Major Responsibilities

We are focused on enhancing and advancing VCU's data driven culture by leveraging institutional metrics to make an impact. This requires a systems thinking approach that is aligned with strategic priorities. We serve as data wranglers, collecting and intertwining metrics to find actionable insights that lead to collaborative change. We are able to make an impact by focusing on the following responsibilities:

Business Intelligence

Business intelligence is like pouring the foundation for a house and eventually strategically placing the windows. In other words, business intelligence builds the underlying data infrastructure needed to put critical information into the hands of decision makers.

Institutional Research

Institutional research includes our core compliance responsibilities and institutional data analysis. Compliance responsibilities are comprised of day-to-day data collection and reporting to the federal government, state agencies, and internal constituents at VCU.  


We use applied research methods to predict outcomes and analyze patterns using traditional institutional data that includes student records, grades, test scores, and other metrics. We alo leverage behavioral indicators collected through surveys and engagement activities. 

Our Impact

Information Availability

We know that information is only helpful if it's available to decision makers. We are focused on empowering stakeholders with interactive dashboards that give them the ability to conduct self-paced exploration. Dashboards also help to educate users about definitions and interpretations in an effort to ensure the data is properly utilized. 

Internal Efficiencies

We've re-engineered our internal processes to prioritize and streamline efficiency, compliance, and quality. This provides a much needed sense of stability and allows us to quickly pull others into projects or revisit projects without having to repeat efforts. 

Actionable Insights

We use data to tell important institutional stories through quick reads such as research briefings or through more in-depth publications like white papers. Most studies are unit initiated. We also partner with other VCU units to strengthen grant proposals, award applications, or other narratives with data. These partnerships are critical, and they leverage our abilities to support priorities across the institution.